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Thanks for coming here to find out more about the work I do. Chances are, you are here because you have heard a call that things could be better in your life and you are considering reaching out and getting some support. I believe all of us need support in our human journey and that we do not have to make this journey alone. 

If you are experiencing dissatisfaction, imbalance, disconnection, emotional distress or a lack of fulfilment in your life it is not because you are broken. With enough commitment and curiosity, you can address these things and move beyond them - even if you feel completely lost, hopeless, indecisive and have no idea where to begin.

My approach to therapy and healing is rooted in depth psychology, compassionate inquiry, and utilising shadow work tools of facilitation to transform the unconscious patterns, beliefs and behaviours that trap us and hold us back.

The session was profoundly useful and I am full of gratitude. There's so much deeper gold in what we uncovered. I do feel I am relating differently… and am letting that come into integration. It was a deep session.
— D.S, Stroud

Shadow work one-to-one sessions

The parts of us in shadow are those aspects of ourselves that at some point (and for good reason) we decided it was best to ignore, repress or deny. When we struggle to identify clearly why things are so challenging in our lives, it is likely that we are being influenced by the parts of us that are held in our shadow and the patterns, behaviours and beliefs we have adopted to keep them there. All this operates below our level of awareness but directly influences our thoughts, feelings and actions as we move through our relationships and our lives.


We all have a shadow side and it is the parts of us in shadow, the limiting beliefs and stuck emotions which are often the unconscious driver behind our barriers to growth and joyful living. 

Shadow work is a great way of approaching your inner experience and those things you want to change. It is a deep, sensitive and safe way of working with all manner of issues even when you have no idea how or where to begin. Working within a robust deep process framework, I draw on tools of gentle exploration, traditional client-centred talking therapy, deep relational parts work and emotional processing, archetypal coaching, shadow work and shadow integration. 

As we identify, explore, transform and re-integrate parts of our psyche through facilitated shadow work, unburdening ourselves from the self limiting beliefs, behaviours and associated stuck emotions that create the barriers in our lives, what emerges is an integrity and an authentic expression of our true self; a wholeness from which flows a greater engagement and enjoyment of life.

"Something ancient in us bends us toward the origins of the whole thing. We either drown in the splits and confusions of our lives, or we surrender to something greater than ourselves. The water of our deepest troubles is also the water of our own solution. In surrender, we descend down to the bottom of it and back to the beginning of it; down into what is divided in order to get back to the wholeness before the split. Healing, health, wealth, wholeness: all hail from the same roots. To heal is to make whole again; wholeness is what all healing seeks and what alone can truly unify our Spirit."

Michael Meade

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