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Client testimonials

I really want to express how grateful I am for the time spent with you.  It was unlike anything I have experienced before and you created such a safe space and offered so much kindness, compassion and empathy, helping me to fully open up and explore without judgement areas and patterns in my life that I never really wanted to address or acknowledge before. I was finally able to tap into emotions that I have been suppressing and felt very supported by you.

Sarah - London

"For me, working with Ali has been an amazing and beautiful experience. During our sessions, he created an atmosphere of care and compassion that made me feel comfortable exploring some truly vulnerable parts of myself.


I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to bring to light the ways in which their hidden parts are influencing their lives, and integrate them harmoniously."

Rebecca - London

"You’ve really helped me understand how strong I am deep down and I feel a greater sense of peace, calmness, clarity and confidence. While I know you might say all this is within me, thanks for facilitating it all. I offer you my heartfelt gratitude 🙏🏽 and pray that you are blessed to continue this work with others too."

Naseem - Birmingham

"I have been meaning to let you know how much I appreciated the last session and how it really helped me move to a greater state of integrity / acceptance of my inner parts. I am really grateful to you for facilitating it the work and how powerful it was and I am meditating on the shifts of perception often since then."

Craig - Manchester

"I feel so very grateful and privileged to have been able to work with Ali. With great skill and regard he created space for me where I could meet and accept parts of myself that I had previously rejected and denied. This has allowed me to enjoy greater love and compassion for myself and given me tools to continue to explore that inner landscape without fear, feeling defensive or otherwise. Whilst Ali is passionate about working with men I, identifying as a woman, felt fully met on that deep soulful, non-judgemental, humane, non binary level. Working with Ali was a a gift of life to myself and I hope that many more benefit from working with Ali."
Janet - Bristol

"If you're reading this and feel the pull to explore this kind of work, follow that. I found Ali to be gentle, skilled and deep. I've no doubt you'll find his sessions supportive and insightful."

Max - Monmouth

"I really valued the work we did together in my sessions and want to say a massive thank you for creating a space where I felt comfortable to work through some of my most personal experiences. 

Laura - East Sussex

“Working with Alasdair has been both eye opening and deeply empowering. I now feel I have a much better handle on my inner landscape and my experience in the world. I feel like I ‘get’ me so much more now, and in that understanding I feel compassion and self love in a way that I was not expecting.


This work has far out reached my expectations. I highly recommend working with Alasdair.”


Gail - Stroud

"I can’t recommend Alasdair enough to anyone looking to explore shadow work. During our in person sessions, Alasdair really tuned into who I am and guided what I needed, often by listening and suggesting. Looking back my expectations of what Alasdair was capable of doing in the sessions was exceeded. I think he had an intuitive skill of saying less while enabling more. I’m very thankful for what I got out of that session.


I was impressed by Alasdair’s structure, I had a free call prior to our first session which went over any questions I had. The location and actual venue were breath taking (a rustic music studio with bundles of character and soundproofed).


Alasdair provides a follow up call a week after the initial session which I got so much more out of it than I was expecting. Alasdair is a genuine guy and I’m glad that I have met him. Thanks again."

James - London

"I was well supported by Alasdair during my shadow work sessions with him and I was made to feel comfortable, held and in experienced hands.


This gave me the confidence to go deeper into my work and make some big steps on my journey."


Andrew - Bath

"Thank you. I really do value this work that your offering. I felt like you held the space from the first phone call through all the emails in such a way that built trust and helped me reach a place where I was able to express what I needed to. I felt heard and acknowledged. Many thanks for all.
Today I feel braver and empowered in way that’s supportive, and more freer than I’ve ever felt."
Kelly - Chichester
"Throughout the sessions I felt a very good sense of safety, like I could be free in that holding. Ali midwifed an excellent process, with much depth and tender enquiry and I felt moved by that. I am cogitating and settling into the depth of what was generously facilitated for me. I really think it was a beautiful piece of work, gratitude and celebration all round. I got clearer in bringing home an exquisite part of myself."
"It was profoundly useful and I am full of gratitude. There's so much deeper gold in what we uncovered. I do feel I am relating differently… and am letting that come into integration."
"It was a deep session."
Debra - Stroud
"I felt safe and held.I liked how much Ali let me lead what happened whilst also gently but firmly guiding me."
"The sessions were very powerful and enabled me to experience myself and my wounds differently...​"
Jessica - Somerset
"Thanks for my sessions. There is a subtle shift in me since and I'm very happy! Throughout I felt safe and held, and when I didn't (just part of my process) it was easy to say and for Ali to reassure me. I was impressed with Ali's probing questions and allowing holding. The sessions were so useful... particularly an experience where Ali questioned me gently, hanging out with me as a six year old. Something in that experience feels enduringly healing."
"The sessions definitely met and exceeded my expectations."
Clare - Somerset
"I felt heard and Ali kept checking in with me and adjusting his approach in response to my answers. I felt we did the process together, in partnership. It wasn't 'done to me'. I was safely guided through."
James - Somerset
"I have only good things to say about Ali. There was always a sense of calm in the room when I arrived and I felt a warm welcome with ease. I felt I could just talk and ramble on about how I was feeling. He let me do this until it became obvious what I wanted to happen in the space. He listens with empathy and I felt heard and understood."
""In one session, when we moved to the carpet, he guided me through relationship with my inner critic with her nagging voice. It was very helpful to have this personified, listening both as a little girl and as The Queen I am today. We also explored the role of my Warrior, which in desperate need for rest, could act more as a boundary keeper to make time for myself, rather than fighting through life."
"I felt lighter with more permission to follow my creative urges."
Bonny - Somerset

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