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Psychedelic Integration

Integration work can support you to preserve insight in well resolved experience, helping you to harness meaning and transform the experience into enduring life change. 


Where there has been unresolved experience or overwhelm, integration can support to slow down and ground, reviving the capacity for you to integrate through containment and closure of the emotional material, supporting you to return to a sense of self that can sustain you in everyday life.


After transcendental experience, while the external world and the demands of everyday life may still be the same, there is an opportunity for deep change in personal meaning making, in how one makes sense of life at a fundamental level. Conscious integration maximises the potential of this being carried over into your ongoing relationship with others, with the world, and with yourself.

I am a professional member and a registered psychedelic integration practitioner with The Institute of Psychedelic Therapy. I am a founding member of the Hereford Psychedelic Integration Group (HPIG) and facilitate a bi-monthly Psychedelic Integration Circle

In my therapeutic practice, I facilitate ‘deep-dive’ one-to-one 5-hour experiential psychotherapeutic sessions for men and woman. The work is rooted in Jungian psychology and archetypal theory and employs various tools of facilitation to work with the inner experience and the inner and outer relational field. My therapeutic approach has strong parallels with the model of therapeutic work used in expanded states offered by MAPS and others.

I offer 60 - 90-minute integration sessions. Please get in touch for availability.

Please find useful resources and information related to harm reduction here.

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The use of psychedelic substances is currently illegal in the UK. Please do not contact me with requests for illegal psychedelic assisted work. I offer preparation and integration support only for harm reduction purposes. I do not support or encourage the use of illicit substances in unregulated and illegal frameworks.

“A psychedelic journey can offer valuable and significant insights that support the unlocking of deeply ingrained patterns. But often insight by itself is not a sufficient force of change, and psychedelic experiences can't replace the necessity for our inner work. If we outsource our healing and growth to psychedelics with out making the effort to support and integrate these experiences, abdicate responsibility, and adopt a passive stance towards our unconscious, we are taking an enormous risk in allowing unprocessed experiences to dictate our choices and our life trajectory. To genuinely transcend our wounds, defences, and early conditioning, it is essential to maintain our responsibility of bringing back the gifts of the imaginal world into a relationship with everyday life”

Maria Papaspyrou

Preservation and integration of deep personal work

Preservation and integration of deep personal work

In order to capture and track what you are uncovering, your experience, your learning and your insight, integration sessions will support you to preserve what you have experienced and what you have unpacked, to integrate it and translate it into enduring life change.

Psychedelic therapy and the shadow

Psychedelic therapy and the shadow

Psychedelics and the shadowChris Bache
00:00 / 06:06

Chris Bache talks about the shadow and the ultimate necessity to take radical responsibility for oneself. The full interview from the Adventures Through The Mind podcast can be found here.

Ann Shulgin - Psychedelic therapy and the shadowAnn Shulgin
00:00 / 52:10

Ann Shulgin, who died July 9 2022 at the age of 91, pioneered the field of psychedelic-assisted therapy. Listen here to her speak about "The Shadow" at the 2019 Women's Visionary Congress in Oakland, California.

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