What is Shadow Work?

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So, what would you like to have happen in your life?

Shadow Work is an experiential and embodied psychotherapeutic framework for the exploration and transformation of inner conflict and difficulty. It is a wonderful way of approaching the things you want to change and your inner-experience, bringing the unconscious aspects of your life into awareness: shedding light on how you show up in the world and how you operate, revealing the dynamics that play out in your relationship with yourself and with others, providing a framework within which you can bring deep healing to those parts that need it, and providing the opportunity to experience new authentic ways of being in the world. It is a deep, sensitive and safe way of working with all manner of issues even when you have no idea how or where to begin.

As we integrate our parts through facilitated shadow work and unburden ourselves from the self-limiting beliefs and behaviours that are the barriers to progress in our lives, spaciousness is created in our system.  This spaciousness allows for greater balance and stability and keeps us more grounded amongst the external events which are beyond our control. Crucially it is within this space that the Sovereign or Self can emerge, our inner leader that can bring direction, compassion and a deep support, generated from within. The movement of shadow work is always towards acceptance, healing, integration, and wholeness. 


Shadow work offers a powerful range of tools to deepen our understanding of the things that operate below the threshold of consciousness that impact our lived experiences. We may experience painful or traumatic life events and experiences that disconnect us, close our hearts and make it feel risky to open to love or trust. We may lose our connection to our full range of emotions, our sadness, joy, grief, and healthy anger. We may struggle to create powerful boundaries and make our dreams manifest. We may have a harsh inner critic that disables us and causes us pain. We may shame ourselves viciously. 


Shadow work offers the opportunity to see what is holding us back, the greatness that we have suppressed. It offers a place to explore our inner life in a respectful way that truly welcomes all that we bring. Being held in a way that allows everything to have a place can have a deep effect on integrating our inner life and finding more peace. Trauma can be released, resolutions found and situations reframed.


We are invited to explore and discover parts of ourselves we may have hidden, denied or repressed. By bringing these parts out of shadow in a safe, experiential setting, we move beyond our ordinary relationship to the world. The conscious self can look at it's own psyche from a different perspective, from a unique angle and place of altered awareness. This process offers the opportunity to unlock the power of our true selves, for deep healing and a subsequent deeper alignment with the world and our purpose.

Following the links below you can find more detail about my approach and the one-to-one sessions I offer, and also more detail of what to expect in a session