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Shadow Work & Experiential Psychotherapeutic Process


Relational Intelligence through Parts Work Process

I offer shadow work and experiential psychotherapeutic process utilising the Healing The Shadow protocol a powerful immersive process. Clients access sub-conscious thoughts, feelings and emotions through connecting directly with ‘Parts’ of their internal system (psyche), and in doing so develop increased relational intelligence, increased emotional resilience, deep personal growth, and deep healing.

Healing the shadow

The work together includes all of the steps of the supportive Healing The Shadow protocol, including separation and representation of parts, emotional processing, process work between parts and increased access to the calm, compassion, clarity and support of the inner leader (indwelling Self or Sovereign).

What people are saying about individual deep-dive sessions...

“I was made to feel comfortable, held and in experienced hands. This gave me the confidence to go deeper into my work and make some big steps on my journey”

"The session was very powerful and enabled me to experience myself and my wounds differently...​“

“ [The work together] has allowed me to enjoy greater love and compassion for myself and given me tools to continue to explore that inner landscape without fear, feeling defensive or otherwise”

"It was profoundly useful and I am full of gratitude. There's so much deeper gold in what we uncovered”

Immersive Experiential Psychotherapeutic Process

Discover this powerful immersive experiential exploration of who and how you are, as a component of your regular personal development, as a commitment to inner resilience building, or as a place to dive real deep into difficulty and challenge, shame and guilt, grief, fear or rage. The holding is strong and you are invited to bring it all...


I offer experiential psychotherapeutic process for personal development and the exploration and transformation of inner conflict and difficulty. My approach to therapy and healing is rooted in depth psychology, compassionate inquiry, and utilising shadow work tools of facilitation to transform the unconscious patterns, beliefs and behaviours that trap us and hold us back.


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