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Recovering our feeling function

Recovery of our feeling function - if impacted through the experiences of life - and subsequent reconnection with our emotions is an essential step in the process of growth into authentic adulthood and inner freedom. Loss of connection to feelings is often a survival strategy early in life in order to cope with difficult environments or difficult experiences. Once our connection to what is going on within is lost, it doesn't tend to spontaneously return even when the original threat has passed. Reconnecting in later life with that part of us that senses and feels our inner experience takes intention, support and conscious effort.

Listening to what our emotions are telling us as we move through our relational life is a window into our shadow, and if we are willing to start the process of removing the inner barriers to progress and reclaiming the sensitivity to feel our feelings, those feelings will be free to start their work of recovery.

Five beautiful minutes of Gordon Neufeld on feelings...


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